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                                                                                           Lock 3 Park, Downtown Akron, Ohio

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    Brian Graham
    (Archaeologist & Glass Master and Machinist for The Akron Marble & Specialty Company)
    Michael Cohill
    (Artist & Superintendent of The Akron Marble & Specialty Company)
    Sara Bender
    (7th Grade Math, Inner City Teacher, Akron Public Schools)
    Carol Robinson, Ph.D.
    (Assistant Professor of English, Kent State University)
    Mary Stormer
    (Clerks, Akron Municipal Court; former President and Board Member of the Akron Board of Education)
    Mike Woods
    (Elementary Schoolhouse Principal & Title I Coordinator, Austintown Local School District)
    Scott Randby, Ph.D.
    (Associate Professor of Mathematics, University of Akron)
    Tom McCarty
    (Lawyer in private practice, former Ohio Assistant Attorney General)
    David C. Nelson
    (President, Premium Balloon Accessories; patentee of numerous toy balloon related patents)
    W. "Bud" Graham
    (President, Welded Tube Pros)
    Debra Stanley-Lapic
    (Clerk, The Gap; Reading, PA; 1973 National Marbles Champion; Most wining female marbles coach in U.S. history.)
    Jennifer L. Nelson, Ph.D.
    (Professor of English, Gallaudet University, Washington, D.C. -- "The world's only liberal arts university for the deaf!"

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