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    Marble Games

    Dropsies Game Rules

    The Game of Dropsies of a favorite and very old American marbles game.

    OBJECT: knock the most marbles out of the ring

    Up to 6 players may play.


    A ring is drawn roughly 18 inches in diameter.

    A large number of 5/8” target marbles are placed inside the ring.

    A 3/4" shooter marble, or agate, is used to knock the target marbles out of the ring.


    Who Goes First – The Order of Play – Called The “Nose Drop”

    A straight line is drawn on the ground.

    Taking turns each player approaches the line, places a shooter marble to their nose and drops it to the ground. The player whose shooter marble comes closest to the line goes first, second closest to the line goes second, etc.

    Plan of Play:

                Taking turns one player goes toes-to-the-line of the ring, takes aim by holding their shooter marble at roughly the level of their shoulder then drops their shooter into the ring,  attempting to knock a target marble out of the ring. (Some call this shot “eye drops”.) 

                Players must pick up their own marbles at the end of their turn and then move away from the ring, allowing the next player to take their place at the ring.


                For each marble knocked out by a player, they shall be credited with the score of one.  The player with the most marbles at the end of the game is declared the winner.




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