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    The Blue Santa

    America's Oldest Figurine of a Santa

    The original Blue Santa pictured here was found at Lock 3 Park in Akron, Ohio during an archeological dig by The American Toy Marble MuseumIt was manufactured on the site by The American Marble & Toy Manufacturing Co. in the mid - 1890s.

    This company was the first toy marble factory in the USA; it mass produced a million marbles a day and turned out dozens of other toys including the Blue Santa.

    Visit the Blue Santa & Friends Site


    Birth of the Modern American Toy Industry


    Akronite Samuel C. Dyke ignited the modern toy industry when he automated his factory in 1884. Toy marbles have been around for thousands of years; however, until recently, they were very expensive to produce because they were created by hand: one-marble-at-a-time. Sam Dyke changed all that when he invented machinery to fully mass-produce toy marbles made out of clay, later to become nick-named "commies" by the children who were enthralled by them (because they became so common among all the varieties of marbles to be eventually produced). Read More...


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